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Here's What You Missed From Last Year's Cebu Blogging Summit And What To Expect This Year

After seeing the awesome, fun, and crazy photos from last year's blogging summit, I'm pretty confident you want to be part of Cebu Blogging Summit 2016. Learn more about this.

PR: What To Expect From The Power of Pen Food Writing Forum Visayas Tour

The Power of Pen is touring Visayas with the University of Cebu as its co-presentor and official venue. The forum will be studded by highly commendable personalities from our culinary and cultural threshold from chefs and restaurateurs to authors and publishers.

Why You Must Join Cebu Blogging Summit 2015

An opportunity to learn more and meet new friends should never be missed out. Join Cebu Blogging Summit and unleashed the blogger in you. With or without experience in blogging will be very welcome.

A Glimpse Of The Concert Crusade In Cordova By Axehead Team

The concert crusade lasted for more than 3 hours. It was a celebration of victory and everyone has their own share. It doesn't happen often so I made it sure to have a recap on how it went well.

Patty's Bakeshop Celebrated Their 1st Year Anniversary With A Zumba Party

After a successful year of Patty's Bakeshop's operations, they thank their customers by having a Zumba Party. The party was totally fun and entertaining.

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