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Your Guide in Exploring the Famous Lambug Beach in Badian

Who would have thought that fine white sand, crystal emerald waters and relaxing view can be experienced for FREE? Yes! A beach located in Badian is now getting a lot of attention to beach goers and adventurers. It’s not only known for its inviting clean blue waters but for the budget friendly approach. Your wallet doesn’t need to suffer for a well deserved break at the beach. I love you all guys, so I’m sharing it all to you.

How to go there?

There are two ways on how you’ll reach Lambug Beach. The first option is taking a bus and the other one is having your own car or rent one. For commuters, take a bus going to Badian from South Bus Terminal. It costs P130-P140 depending on what kind of bus you take (aircon or non-aircon). The bus trip usually takes 2.5 hr to 3 hr. Make sure to inform your bus driver to drop you off in Badian proper or known as “Lungsod” for locals. Once you reached Badian proper, you can hire a “habal-habal” going to Lambug Beach. Don’t be deceived, the fare is only P25-P30. Thanks to my friend, Tara from One Big Breakfast for providing these info.

Another option is taking your car packed with family and friends all the way to Lambug. This is what we tried and believe it or not, we had to fully trust the GPS. Good thing, it didn't fail us. I don’t want you to feel so anxious so check out this map. Below is a landmark to where to make a detour.

How much budget is needed?

One reason why outings are changed or cancelled is because of “the budget”. Don’t be! As I said, this paradise is FREE of entrance. All you need to think of is your food, drinks, fare which is less than P400 for round trip. If you got extra bucks for comfort, P300 cottage is enough for 8-10 people. You can also rent a room for whole night stay for as low as P600. 

What are things prepare?

Whether it’s a sunny day or cloudy day, never forget to grab sunblock and sunglasses with you. Don’t be like us who became sun warriors and ended up toasted the next day. Your friends might want to have a tent nearby for a whole night stay and that’s totally fine. Just choose the right spot and be vigilant to care for valuable things. Of course, no one will go swimming without any swimwear! Since it’s a public beach, nothing is particular and be confident.

Share the fun and Experience

I know you’re now planning your own trip going there! Tap your friends and families for a fun experience. Feel free to ask questions and I’ll be glad to answer them. For those who have been there, share it to others! Enjoy!

PS: We went to Lambug Beach to make my parents happy especially my father and YES! They were so happy and so are we! We can’t hide it from our photos. HAHA!

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