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Yamaha Philipppines Unveils Mio i 125

Good news to all riders out there! Recently, Yamaha Philippines unleashed their MIO i125. With a lot of improvements from its precedent Mio 125, Mio i 125 will definitely be a big hit in the market. For only P69,900.00 you can enjoy it’s awesome features. Here are 9 features that you will be proud of:

1. Integrated Key Shutter
 This latest anti-theft technology will protect your Mio i 125 from thieves anywhere. It will lessen your worries as you enjoy your ride.

2. Meter Panel and Eco Lamp Indicator
 The high quality meter panel guides the ride for efficient driving and fuel economy. It also has an “Eco Indicator” that lights up when the unit has achieved a quality pace.

3. Large Capacity Storage
 With the large capacity storage, you will be at ease in bringing your rain coats and jackets for rainy weather. You can even store your tools that are essential for long rides.

4. Smart Stand Switch
 It is really amazing to think that as you use the Mio i 125’s stand, it will automatically shut off the engine. It helps you save fuel as you park.

5. Muscular Muffler
 Its muffler look symbolizes power and power and practically. Did I also mention that it is a 3-way catalytic converter that functions in combination with engine control and oxygen sensor feedback? Now you know.

6. New Age Front Face
  Check out the brand new design concept of the motorcycle. It is a sleek “M” shape design that gives a sharp and active expression.

7. Stunning Graphics
 With the fresh and dynamic look embedded in the body, it will be a head-turner.

8. M-Shaped Grab Bar
  Its unique easy grip design can also increase passenger’s comfort on board.

9. Tail Light
 It greatly illuminates your way through the streets.

Mio i 125 has 4 colors to choose from; blue, yellow, magenta and black. It can store up to 4.2 liters of fuel which is good for long rides. Share this latest motorcycle from Yamaha have your friends be amazed with it. It is now available to all Yamaha Motor shop.

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