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Why Logos are so Expensive?

Last week, we were really lucky to meet a guy who is really into designing and advertising and that is no other than Shao Long Bald. He is already in the industry for quite a long time now and as a matter of fact, he has already served famous clients within the country as well as around the world. With his expertise, he was able to share his knowledge about the logo. Here are some things that you need to know about designing a logo:

1. Designing a logo takes time.
Even if how simple or minimal the logo is, it still takes a lot of time in the making. A lot of brain cells will be used in creating a certain logo then after, creativity and art skills will just follow. You have to know what kind of business to suits its logo. Most importantly, you should know every details inscribe in the logo and how does it connects to a certain business.

2. A logo should be open for revisions and opinions.
We cannot please everyone but each opinions will greatly matter. The more opinions you get from different people, the more your logo will be perfect. You may not notice it, but people will eventually see something different in a certain logo so before that happens, gather a number of critics for your the design of your logo. Just like Shao Long Bald, he always asks insights from his girlfriend and some friends.

3. A Logo is REALLY expensive.
After all the effort exerted in designing a logo, no wonder logos are really expensive. Since it will serve as a symbol for a business, it should give a good first impression to the people. Shao Long Bald even mentioned that some logos are really worth millions of pesos. 

It was really great learning something from the expert. This is made possible by Creative Republiq. Creative Republiq is a Cebu-based digital and creative agency that specializes in digital advertising, social media management and content marketing.
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