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Where Can Your Friends Hangout at Night? Try Halo Restaurant

August is here! Few months away and it's Christmas time again. But before that happens, let's enjoy this month with our friends and hangout together. It is always good to have friends whom you can talk to and hangout with, especially if you were so busy with work. They can help you relieve your stress and you can get to know them more as well. So, I am sharing this great Barkada Meal Package and hopefully, you and your friends can try it too.

Have you heard about the Halo Restaurant? If not? Then you should probably check out the place. It is located at the 2nd floor of St. Mark Hotel. For only Php 1,589.00 you can have a group of 6 friends enjoying this Barkada Meal Package:

  • A tower of BBQ Spareribs 
  • Calamari Frito 
  • Spaghetti Alfredo 
  • Vegetable Spring-rolls 
  • 6 bottles of local beers 
  • Plus a pitcher of Fruity Minty Iced Tea

Aside from the foods that you and your friends can enjoy, you can also have feel the music from the live acoustic band in the restaurant. They can play your favorites songs from love songs to the groovy beats of some latest songs. The place is actually good for a couple of friends who wants to have some chats about their busy life and even just showing off some jokes. 

Don't miss their best selling foods that won't hurt your budget. You can have the Buffalo Wings with Chili Sauce. I personally love this one since I really like to eat the wings part. I love the small bones of the wings. If you don't want to spicy foods, then you don't have to worry about the chili sauce with it because it is not that so spicy at all.

Another one is the "Pochero" or beef soup. I think Halo's Pochero is really cheaper compared to other restaurants. Imagine, for only P160.00, you will have big bowl of pochero, good for 4-6 people. It was very satisfying for a cheap price. 

Pork Sisig was really a winner. Although I'm not a fan of "sisig", I still consider it as a winner since it topped with fresh egg and it's a indeed spicy. It is a perfect combination for drinks like beer. The pork was tenderly cooked and seasoned. 

I love the Burger and fries. I think I can consume the fries for only a minute. That's how I totally loved it. The burger has 2 thick patty so everyone would really want to taste it. I recommend this meal to anyone who likes to have a heavy snack. 

I had a taste with the Carbonara Pasta and Honey Herb Chicken. But I will leave the critic to you. Here are the pictures to give you an idea on how would they taste like. I tell you. It's a must try. :)

To know more about the Halo Restaurant, do visit them at St. Mark Hotel. They are well located at the 2nd floor. If you are not familiar with St. Mark Hotel, you can check this address, St. Mark Hotel, Queens Road, Redemptorist Plaza, Camputhaw, Cebu City 6000, Philippines. For reservations you can contact them at (032) 505 5555 or (032) 520 3798. You can also check out their Facebook Page, St. Mark Hotel.
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