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What You Need To Know About La Niña

Hello there! Summer's end and rainy season has officially begun!

The rain and the thunderstorms that we had this last couple of week was due to La Niña phenomenon forcing to enter our territory.

Have you heard the news from around the world about this extreme wet weather condition called La Niña?

If not, let me share you this:

Some of the places here on earth had already experience this type of weather phenomenon of extreme wet. In California, and in some places of America they already had this kind of extreme wet weather condition. They experienced heavy rains and flash floods. In Paris also they felt La Niña. It was raining cat and dogs there a day and the result was extreme flash flood that was days long even until now they can't get rid of the flood and their river was overflowing as well.

La Niña is a phenomenon of extreme wet weather condition counterpart of El Niño. The name La Niña came from Spanish, meaning "the girl". During this period, the sea surface temperature across the equatorial Eastern Central Pacific Ocean will be lower than normal by 3-5°C. A La Niña often, though not always, follows an El Niño.

Impact on the global climate
La Niña impacts the global climate and disrupts normal weather patterns, which as a result can lead to intense storms in some places and drought in others.

In Asia
During La Niña years, the formation of tropical cyclone, along with the subtropical ridge position, shifts westward across the western Pacific ocean, which increases the landfall to China. In March 2008, La Niña caused a drop in sea surface temperature over Southeast Asia by 2°C. It also caused heavy rains over Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia.

Our weather bureau expected an almost 20 typhoons (including super typhoons) to hit our country from this month to year end due to this La Niña phenomenon so we must all be prepared to reduce the risk. 

Just like a heavy storm is coming, be ready on these needed things:
  •  Prepare few bottled water of 500ml (5 bottled water of 200ml would work also). 
  •  Easy to prepare or ready to eat foods like canned goods which could help you last for few days. 
  •  Battery powered or kinetic powered radio (please include 2 extra AA batteries). 
  •  And of course, charge your gadgets (like your smartphone) because that might help in communicating the authorities. And if you have a power bank, prepare that too. 
  •  Last but not the least! Store them in a waterproof bag or in a hard case!

Take care!
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