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What Makes 5th Startup Weekend Very Exciting

Startup Weekend Cebu 5 is a meet-up of developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to come up with brilliant ideas that could be useful for everyone. For it's 5th year, the venue was at the Arts and Science Building of UP Cebu. The Startup Weekend lasted for 3 days, from June 5 - 7. 

There were about 167 participants that were fully prepared to show their ideas. They were divided into teams and each team has their own mentor that could help them with it. Each team should pitch for their startup to everyone even showcase the uniqueness of it.  12 startups made it to the finals namely; Fresh Connexion, Ecophil, LocateMD, Philtrip, WakeSharing, Libre.ph, TeeVee, Scholar's Field, Soundtrip, Cityfier, NearbySeller and, SpendCheck.

The Startup Weekend Cebu ended with a blast of ideas. Each team's pitches were very interesting, not to mention the WakeSharing which wins the crowd's applause. After the judges calculated and analyzed each team's startups they came up with the winners. TeeVee got the 3rd place having P5,000 cash prize. It is a startup that could help you print out some shirt through a vending manchine. The 2nd prize went to SpendCheck and takes home the P10,000 cash prize. The ultimate winner was Scholar's Field which earned them P15,000 cash prize. Scholar's Field is an aid to students to find scholarships, as well the univeristies can find some scholars too.

With Startup Weekend, great ideas are showcased and better living is achieved. I'm pretty sure everyone is excited for the next year's Startup Weekend.
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