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Want an iphone 6? Simple.

Have you heard about Yamba? Yamba is the newest social media network to hit the world by storm and they are looking for people to test their site. Three lucky and diligent beta testers will have a chance to win an iPhone 6! No more waiting, join NOW and become one of Yamba's beta tester. Here are the three quick steps: 

First, you just go to http://yamba.rocks/#!/register.

Second, fill in the required form. 

Third, wait for the email verification and confirm. 

From July 6-25, beta testers can play around the site, upload and share their posts.  

How to win an iPhone 6? By the end of the beta testing:

1. The one with the most views on their Yamba profile will be declared as the first winner so I encourage you to post as many as you can.
2. The one with the most followers will be declared as the second winner. It would be great to gather as many followers as you can.
3. The one with the most number of posts like links, quotes, photos, etc. will be declared as the third winner. Make sure that your posts are catchy and interesting so that people will view it. 

Simple, right?! So make sure to sign up now, share this to your friends, encourage them to follow you and always be active on Yamba so you can win yourself an iPhone 6. 
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