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Things To Know About University of the Visayas

I was born and raised in Cebu. I knew a lot of things about it but not everything. At present, I am still learning many new things about my hometown. Because of its rich history, you can't neglect the fact that a lot must be remembered and even take note to. Let's start with Colon Street. All Cebuano knew this place. Right now, it is the center of commerce and industry. As a matter of fact, many people loves to shop in the area with a lower price. Aside from the businesses, there also lies the first ever university in the Province of Cebu.

If you are a local, then you would certain know about this school. University of the Visayas has been managed by a prominent family in Cebu, the Gullas family. The main campus is located along Colon St, fronting Gaisano Main. Currently, they have about 8 campuses distributed in the different parts of Cebu. There are about 24 Bachelor's Degree courses, but the school has been known to excel with BS Marine Engineering, BS Electrical Engineering and even, BS Nursing.

It all started with Don Vincente Gullas and was handed down to the next and and even to the other generation. At first, it was named as Visayan Institute and was later on changed to University of the Visayas. Since this school started in 1919, a lot of changes has been made over the years. During the world war II, it experienced closure and even relocation. Those times were really tough for a school to operate. But after few years, they were able to retain their location along Colon Street. Because of its long existence in the area, it has been a great landmark for the people in the downtown Colon. 

Last week, I had a chance to visit the main campus. It was Marine Day so there were many Marine students gathered near the main entrance for their exhibits. Its actually good to know that even if the school has been up for almost a century, the building structures were still strong and wonderful. I got the chance to roam around the place and noticed the great difference between the old buildings and the newly constructed ones. Even the old narra tree is still there.

As the years continues, this school will always be part of Cebu's pride. Not only for their performances but also for the historic value that it has. It'll be always part of Cebu's rich history and younger generations must be aware of it. If you are a graduate of this certain school, then be proud if it. The Gullas family will surely do their best to manage the school and take care of their students.

How about your school? Do you know its history? I would love to hear it. 
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