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The Wonders of Balot

Not everyone can eat balot. 

Balot (can also be spelled as 'balut') is an exotic food. It comes from an unhatched egg of a duck paired with salt or with specially spiced vinegar. It is steamed for a couple of minutes and viola! It's ready. The taste is distinctive and I can't compare it to any food. In my hometown here in Talisay City, one balot egg costs 16pesos. I remembered the first time I eat balot, it only costs 9pesos but that was more or less 15 years ago. 

This food is usually served at night time from 7pm and beyond. The reason why only night time is because it is said to give more energy to fulfill the night. Locals who usually works for the night have it as a midnight snack. It can be bought from a stall in a street corner or from a balot vendor who rides a bicycle and roams around a certain place. 

This has been my favorite midnight snack since I was an elementary student. At that time, I never missed a night without it. It helped me finished all my school projects by staying awake at night. My father always reminds me the nutrients that I can get from it. But for people with hypertension, take it slow because it contains a good amount of cholesterol.

You can check some of the photos below. I encourage you to have a taste of balot. It is indeed one of a kind.
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