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The Snacks That All Filipinos Are Proud Of

Everybody loves food. Well, who doesn't? Aside from it is delicious and satisfies our cravings, it is also essential for living. The only differences are how we prepare it and, the ingredients. We, Filipinos have our own distinct taste for food, and snacks are not exemption to it. In fact, I live in a province where everyone loves to eat their native delicacies. I know you are curious about these foods so let's take a look at the list.

1. "Bibingka"

"Bibingka" is a kind of rice cake which is very popular in Mandaue City. As a matter of fact, Mandaue City competed for the biggest "bibingka" in the world under Guinness Book of World Records. It is really tasty that made the city much known for “bibingka”. The basic ingredients for the “bibingka” are pounded rice, yeast, coconut milk and brown sugar. It is cooked in a sandwich heat, meaning there is heat above it and as well as below it. 

2. “Puto Maya”

“Puto Maya” is usually served early in the day with “sikwate” which is a native hot chocolate. Some locals have this as their breakfast. “Puto Maya” is made out of sticky rice combined with coconut milk. You can also add some sugar to sweeten. 

3. “Bibingka Pinalutaw”

You might be wondering if the first “bibingka” mentioned would be same as the “bibingka pinalutaw”. I tell you, yes, they are a little similar to each other especially when it comes to ingredients but the way on how to cook them is totally different. “Bibingka Pinalutaw” is cooked with only one way heat and that’s below it. It got its name from the way of cooking it, “pinalutaw” which means floated. So basically, this rice cake is floating above the water while being cooked.

4. “Budbud”

“Budbud” or also spelled as “bodbod” is another kind of rice cake. This time it is totally wrapped with young banana leaves. Its main ingredient is the sticky rice and coconut milk. Usually, families have this rice cake over gatherings and even outings since it’s very convenient to carry and pass on.

Since you are already familiar with these foods, have a try and enjoy it yourself. 

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