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The Dawn of Tchoukball Game in Cebu

Nearly ten years ago, this new sport called Tchoukball was introduced here in Cebu. Historically, this game was first played in Cebu and then was spread in Bacolod, Manila, and also Davao. 


At first it did not spark so well to the people of Cebu. But later on, the Christian Athletic Volunteer Butanding Tchoukball Cebu or CAV Butanding Tchoukball Cebu slowly gained its popularity and continued rising above others. Being one of many clubs who masters the sports, they also made a big impact on spreading awareness to fellow Cebuanos. 


Do you want to know more about them?

Christian Athletic Volunteer (CAV) is an athletic arm of The Risen Saviour Bible Baptist Church. Through the years they organized sporting events like Basketball, Volleyball, Triball (which is a combination of 3x3 Basketball, Volleyball, and Tchoukball), and many more.


They formed a new sports team which is the CAV Butanding Tchoukball Cebu where they organized and installed the Tchoukball Liga de Sugbo. It is much more like of Wimbledon or US Open in Tennis Tournaments because of the excitement and fame of the tournament and many people gather to watch it.


The most notable Tchoukball Liga de Cebu was the Liga Dos where it was held at Robinson Galleria Cebu atrium. It was the first time people across the globe who love this game saw how it is possible to organized a tchoukball game inside of a mall.

The CAV Butanding Tchoukball Cebu co-hosted the Philippine Open Tchoukball International. This was held at City Sports Club Cebu in Cebu Business Park last year in association of Tchoukball Association of the Philippines (TAP) and Tchoukball Association of Cebu (TAC).


We can say that the CAV Butanding Tchoukball Cebu is one in the field of sports that Cebu can delight on. We had three players of CAV Butanding Tchoukball Men and a team of CAV Butanding Tchoukball Women represented our flag, our country, and the Filipino people in the last Asia Pacific Tchoukball Championships (APTC) held in Singapore this year. They got the sixth rank amongst the Asia Pacific countries. This is something we should be proud of.

Now, let’s just continue supporting our own team here in Cebu. For sure, there are a lot of games in store for them. Watch out for their schedule and be inspired or be amazed on how good they play.

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