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Tchoukball: The Newest Sport in Town You Can Surely Love

Sembreak is just around the corner! It’s time to look for fun while school works are still at halt.


If you are the sporty type of person, this kind of new sport might be best for you. It’s named as Tchoukball. I know, it looks hard to pronounce but according to the game experts it’s read as /tsok/-/bol/. The reason how it got its name is because of similar sound when the ball hits the net. This indoor team sport started way back 1970 by Hermann Brandt, a Swiss Biologist.


Who can play this sport? This non physical contact sport is perfect for both male and female. Learning the game’s rules and techniques are so easy and simple that age will not be a problem. As long as you’re fit and ready to get some action, then you got it.


Tchoukball has already gained popularity over the years. The Federation of International Tchoukball (FITB) did a great part in spreading and developing the sport. In 2014, part of Western Canada made it an official sport in annual business schools and students competition. That only shows how popular the sport in their area.


This might be something new to you but here in the Philippines, the sport has been live and kicking for couple of years now. It was first introduced in Cebu then spread to Bacolod, Manila and Davao. Last year, Cebu City hosted the National Tchoukball Championship for the first time. Few teams from Manila, Bacolod and other cities have gathered to compete and showed off their skills. For this year, championship was held in Bacolod last April.


What’s new for Tchoukball here in Cebu? To keep the sport burning, Christian Athlete Volunteers, an athletic ministry of The Risen Saviour Bible Baptist Church of Tejero, have organized a league called Tchouckball Liga De Cebu. The first one was named Tchoukball Liga De Cebu Uno and was held last March 12, and 19 this year with Bob Hughes Christian Academy Seniors emerging as champion.


The second league, Tchoukball Liga De Cebu Dos,, will be held at Robinsons Galleria Atrium on November 3 and 4. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the live action and support Cebu’s very own team, The Cebu Butanding!

Competitions like this will never be possible without few non-profit governing bodies such as TAC (Tchoukball Association of Cebu) and TAP (Tchoukball Association of the Philippines). A shout out to few sponsors too such as MOD, a clothing printing design who openly supports the cause of this sports.

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