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Summer 102: The Scenic Wonders of Funtastic Island in Medellin, Cebu

This is the second part of our series regarding summer in Cebu. This time, it is located in northern Cebu. There are a lot of beautiful beaches and islands in northern Cebu but this island has something new to offer to the people who want to have true fun. FUNtastic Island is part of Medellin, Cebu but to be specific, it is located in the island of Gibitngil.

A Little History of FUNtastic Island

According to the locals, the rock formation in the resort was made because of the sunken wrecked Japanese warship long time ago. It formed into an islet thus making it more wonderful to look at. As the time goes by, the islet was molded and developed into something that would attract some visitors and today, it has some colorful cottages to give life to it.

Why Did I Love The Place

I used to stay in Medellin for 7 weeks and I was able to visit FUNtastic Island for 2 times now. The first one was when I was still a university student and the second time was when I’m already a professional teacher. With my two visits, I never get bored with the place since there is always something to look forward to it. Let me enumerate to you the things that I love about it:

1. The view going to FUNtastic Island is really awesome. The walls of rocks are indeed breath taking.

2. The place is indeed a paradise. It is very clean and refreshing. You can totally forget the city life for a while.

3. The locals are super helpful. They are very hospitable that they can almost provide all your needs. 
4. There are a lot of activities to enjoy in the place. You can try the cliff diving that was extremely challenging because of its height. There’s also kayaking which is good for exploring the whole islet. For some who loves zip line then they are also offering it in the resort.

5. The ultimate thing that I love about the resort is the cold crystal blue water. As a matter of fact, you can easily see some fishes under water because it is indeed clear.

How To Get There From Cebu City

You need to take a bus from the North Bus Terminal and board the bus with “Via Kawit” signage. You can inform the bus conductor to drop you off to the port for Gibitngil Island. The bus trip may last to 3-4 hours depending on the traffic. Once you arrive in the boat port for Gibitngil, there are some local boatmen that could take you to the resort and to give you a tip, the bigger the groups you have, the cheaper you need to spend for the boat. The boat trip could actually last for 30 minutes to 50 minutes.

For Pricing And Accommodations 

To be honest, with my two visits in the island, I wasn’t able to spend even a coin on it because, I was lucky to have great friends and great workmates to shoulder my expenses but don’t worry, you can easily know the prices through the official facebook page of Medellin Cebu or you can contact them with this number, 0917 623 4925.

You can check some photos below.

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