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Summer 101: The Treasures of Gilutongan Island in Cebu

Summer is in! Everyone is now planning for their summer getaway but how about you, have you already decided on which place would you go? Here in Cebu, there are a lot places to choose from, so to help you out, I will be sharing my experience at Gilutongan Island. This island is one of the Islands in Mactan, Cebu where you can go island hopping. 

The time that I visited the island, I wasn't able to focus with the locals but instead I was totally amazed by their treasures underwater. I went snorkeling with some friends and my boyfriend and we found  many colorful fishes in different sizes and even some sea animals in the corals. It would have been perfect if we had an underwater camera but it's fine since seeing the sea creatures personally is worth the fun. 

1. Always check the weather before deciding to go there. Rainy weather is not a good time to go snorkeling in the Gilutongan Island since it can create big waves, same goes as very cloudy weather. 
2. Make sure you have a snorkeling gear to fully enjoy the activity if none, you can rent it with the boat.
3. If you can't swim like me, you don't have to worry about it since there will be life jackets provided to each person. 

We rented a boat from Mactan proper. It costs us Php 5000 but we are about 28-30 people on it. The boat is actually big and I guess it can accommodate 40-45 people. It was a whole day activity so bringing your own food is a must. 

I hope this one helps. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. You can also check more pictures below. 
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