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Spend Quality Time With Your Besties At The Hideout

I spend most of the time facing the computer. To be honest, it’s stressful but it’s part of my job, so I have to do it. Many would consider it an easy work but at the end of the day, it starts to get boring and habitual. Good thing, I have great workmates who never fails to cheer me up. They never fail to brighten up my day.

August was a very challenging month for me. There were a lot of adjustments to make regarding the passing of my late father. I do miss him a lot and I’m trying to be strong for my mom. I know, I’m very good at it. After all that happened, I badly need a place to loosen up and free my mind. Perfect timing for our company’s team outing. That was something I was looking forward to. Something outside the corners of the office and a fresh air to breath. 

Let me share to you the place where we spent our quarterly team outing. It is known as The Hideout. From the first sight, it looks like a residential place with a swimming pool open to exclusive guests. It was quite and clean. You’ll notice it’s really taken cared of. They have billiard table open for those who are sporty enough to try it. The mini garden with variety of plants is so relaxing to see. I love how they keep the exclusiveness of the area while maintaining its popularity among group of friends. They are not that hard to locate since there is a huge sign that says The Hideout.

Here are the things you and your squad can do at The Hideout:

                  • Karaoke all day (for free)
                  • Swim all day with the exclusive pool (4 feet - 7 feet deep)
                  • Grill for BBQ (for free)
                  • Prepare meals using free use of kitchen utensils
                  • Have drinks (drinks available for sale)
                  • Play fun games
                  • Catch up with everyone’s life
                  • Party all day and worry nothing

                  How to get there:

                  There are two options to choose from. If you have your own ride, you can take the easier path. From IT Park, you can go straight ahead to Salinas Drive Extension. Another option is to take Sanson Road beside The Gas Station. There are available motorcycle rides that will take you to The Hideout for P30. Please see the map below:


                  Venue use for 8hrs (10pax): P 3,000
                  Optional - Stove for cooking (whole day use): P 150
                  Optional - Air conditioned room (whole day use): P 500

                  *No corkage fee for food and drinks

                  Contact Details:

                  Mobile Number: 09212323836 / 09177099907

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