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Reasons Why I Love Yoyi's Pastries and Desserts And How You Can Win Exciting Giveaways

I was lucky to know about Yoyi's Pastries And Desserts and since I love all my readers, I want you to know about these exciting things. First is the reason why I really love it and, second is how you can luckily win some giveaways from them. Trust me, its very simple.

If not for Cebu Blogging Community, I won’t know about Yoyi’s Pastries and Desserts. It all started with their sponsorship at CBC’s First Anniversary. They served the best sweets at the party and to be honest, I was totally hooked with it. Fortunately, their Cebu branch is just few blocks away from my workplace. It’s very convenient to have a quick visit and take out my favorite desserts. If you are familiar with Fuente Osmeña Circle, then you'll surely find their shop. Here’s a map to guide you. 

Did I already mention that their products are very affordable? Yes, you read it right. Even for P50, you can satisfy your cravings for sweets. My favorite leche flan was only P20 and the brownies were just P8 per piece. I enjoyed consuming it at their peaceful and relaxing place. There are lots of desserts you can choose from. For bulk orders, you may consider having it as take out since the place can only be good for small groups of people. 

Now, that they will be celebrating their first year anniversary, they will be giving out 1 box per month of assorted Yoyi’s products for 3 months! Winners will receive 3 boxes of overloaded sweets for the whole 3 months. Plus, it’s not only 1, 2, or 3 winners but 10 lucky winners! Hooray! The question now is, how can you win? Very simple, you just have to share the good news! 

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Yoyi’s Cebu Turns 1 Raffle

Happy First Anniversary Yoyi's Pastries And Desserts Cebu Branch! 
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