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Patty's Bakeshop Celebrated Their 1st Year Anniversary With A Zumba Party

Over a year, Patty’s Bakeshop has been very successful in delivering fresh and tasty bread. As a proof, they have about 42 branches now and counting. They opened their first branch at Lagtang, Talisay City, Cebu so they have decided to celebrate the first anniversary in Lagtang Sport Complex and that through ZUMBA!

Zumba Party With Patty’s Bakeshop

The Zumba Party was really fun and bubbly. Thanks to the energetic Zumba Instructors who guided the people to dance with the beat. There were about a hundred Zumba enthusiasts who joined the party and they were actually in different ages, from young kids to senior citizens. The Zumba lasted for about 2 hours and I can see that the people are really enjoying from it.

The kids were very happy to see Patty. She entertained the people with her Zumba moves and most of all she showed the people that she has all out support for the party. I bet she made a lot of friends in the venue since she is very friendly.

As a way of giving thanks to their customers, they gave away giftpacks to the participants of the Zumba by raffle draw. They also chose the 5 top male participants as well as, 5 top female participants and they got a headset from Selecta. One lucky participant won the grand price, Samsung Smartphone! Imagine! You were able to do your exercise, plus you get to take home a Samsung Smartphone! That was indeed a great Zumba Party.

If you want to know about Patty’s Bakeshop, you can visit their Facebook Page, Patty’s Bakeshop. You can also reach them through (032) 346 8509.

Photo Credits to: Hoven Andre Encontro
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