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Melton’s Halo-Halo: Rich Flavored Halo-Halo for A Very Affordable Price

Everybody loves desserts. Its sweetness can regenerate the energy we consume. There are various desserts Philippines can offer and one of the best is Halo-Halo. It’s a bowl of shaved ice mixed with different ingredients such as banana, coconut, langka, ube, leche flan, gelatin and even peanuts then topped with scopes of ice-cream.


Lately, me and my friends are craving for late night desserts. We become Melton’s regular customers because of their halo-halo. I heard about them from social media and few of my online friends have been making a buzz out of it. This dessert shop did leave great impression to their customers. Not only from word of mouth, but they are also awarded as Best Halo-halo 2015 by Sun Star.


My first try at Melton’s was at their Labangon branch. It’s just along Katipunan street so it’s easy to spot. The only problem is where to park if you have a car with you. Motorcycles can park along the road since it won’t make traffic obstructions. For commuters, it's just perfect since there are available jeepney routes to take. I haven’t tried other branches located in Pardo, Talisay, and Minglanilla. Maybe, I should. :)


Here’s the exciting part, the Halo-halo itself. To be honest, right after having one order of Super Special Halo-halo for P65, I craved for more. It’s not the typical halo-halo that you can get for a cheap price. The ice is thinly shaved and well-refined. The ingredients blend together in your mouth and ice cream makes it more flavorful. By the way, you can choose two flavors: the popular ube or the new mango. If you can’t consume the super special, you may opt to Special Halo-Halo for only P55. But the special, does not include ice cream.


Aside from halo-halo, they also offer snacks to go with it. They got:


French Fries (original) – P20

French Fries (with cheese) – P25

Tempura – P15 / stick

Squid ball – P15 / stick

Squid roll – P15 / stick

Ngohiong – P7

Pizza – P90


The best time to visit the place is afternoon to avoid the flock of people during night time. Their branches usually opens around 1:00pm and closes around 11:30pm. Summer is the highest peak of their sales because it's the perfect pair for hot weather. This also means their shops can be very crowded. Good thing, they offer take out for people who would love to enjoy it from the comfort of their homes.

If you haven’t tried it, you should and bring your friends. Don’t be the last to know why people are talking about it online and let us know what you think.

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