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Life Lately: Another Addition To The Family

First, I want to apologize for the long hiatus in blogging. It has been 6 months since my last blog post. This time, it was for a positive note. My husband and I just found out early January that we are having another member of the family, our little one. My pregnancy journey has been a rough but exciting thing to begin with. I’m happy to share these to you.

How It All Started

It all started when we were having a trip to Singapore and Indonesia. In Singapore, we did the extreme rides at Universal Studios and visited some famous landmarks. I started to feel a little different that time but I tried to ignore it since I wanted to enjoy the trip. But when we moved to Indonesia few days after, everything started to get worse. I’ve been sick on and off and everything just feels off. That’s the time our companions are having thoughts that maybe I should take pregnancy test or have a check up. It never happened not until we are back home.

A few days after we are back home, I bought the PT kit and have it tested. To my surprise, it reflects positive. I was overwhelmed with joy but I tried to keep it to myself until I have it confirmed with a doctor. I then scheduled an appointment with my OBGYN and yes, it’s totally legit. I’m pregnant!

I shared the great news to my husband and he was overjoyed. I also shared it with twinny, my bestfriend and she can’t believe it. haha. It feels so great to have people who are happy for you. My mom also knew about it weeks after my husband does. And the rest of my relatives and friends follows.

The First 3 Months

My first trimester was really a struggle. I don’t want to move or even go out of my room. I never liked any food at all. I always feel the urge to vomit and talking or even communicating to anyone seems like a burden to me. Morning sickness is real but in my case, it usually happens at night. Because of this, I was forced to work remotely. Good thing my company or my boss is very understanding. My officemates were also very supportive with my situation making my work a lot easier.

Second Semester Comes In

I’m now in my second semester as of this writing. Everything feels a little better than the previous months but I still have that urge to vomit. This time, I frequently feel dizzy. I tried to avoid traveling alone and going to far places in fear of fainting out. I had this bad experience while having my groceries when I suddenly passed out. Good thing, I was able to regain consciousness after a couple of minutes.

I also felt a bit emotional lately. I don’t know if it’s because of some instances that happened between me and my husband but it did pull some weights. Or maybe it’s just part of this pregnancy journey. On a lighter note, last month I had my prenatal check up and we were able to know the gender of our baby. It’s a baby boy! Now, we are thinking of possible boy names.

I guess that’s it for now. I’ll give some updates while I can. If you are also going through pregnancy or have some helpful insights, feel free to leave a comment.

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