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Journal 02: What's In My Bag Challenge

Each of us is different. We act differently, think differently and understand differently. We may have similarities but it won’t surpass our differences. This should not be an issue to be open to each other but instead, take it as a positive thing.


You may have heard about “What’s inside your bag challenge”. Many lifestyle bloggers are talking about this. Well, this is a good way to show how different we are. I’m 100% sure we don’t have exactly the same items. Not unless we staged it but that kills the real fun. After all, you’ll learn more about that person if you get to see what’s in their bag.


Let me give you a glimpse of myself. Here’s the list of things I always carry with me. And yes, I feel comfortable with backpacks for daily basis. Who knows, we might have few similarities then.


Laptop with charger


It’s a must for me to bring it every day since it’s part of my job as online digital marketing specialists. I can’t imagine working without it. Good thing my laptop is not so heavy and can be carried for a short walk. There are various laptops to choose from. Make sure it fits your lifestyle as well as you budget.


Bluetooth headphone with charger


Headphone is truly helpful to lessen interruption from work. For me, it boosts up concentration and focus. I love the bluetooth functionality since it’s less hassle especially with moving around. I've been using this Remax bluetooth headphone for a year now and I can truly guarantee its quality and durability.


Extra headset


In case my Bluetooth headphone runs out of battery, I still have extra headset to use. No doubt, music is part of my life.


Bluetooth mouse with charger


To speed up productivity, I use bluetooth mouse with my laptop. It’s very convenient and less clutter on my workplace. For daily use, I only charge it once a month and charging usually takes 2-3 hours. You may also use it with the cord while charging.


Folding umbrella


Weather can be very unpredictable. Umbrella should be an item each person must have. It protects us from scorching heat or even rain drops. This keeps you going whatever the weather is.




My wallet only holds my ATM cards, IDs and few receipts. Not much of use right? I don’t really keep cash since it easily vanishes right after I withdraw from ATM machines. I think I need to develop my saving techniques. If you can provide me some tips, that would be great. :)




I use shades for two reasons. First is for sunny days, and second is for sleepless nights to hide those eye bags. Truly fashionable and creative, right?




I believe toothbrush should not be shared with anyone else so I must have one for myself wherever I go. Now, the question is, how about toothpaste? Well, maybe someone would be kind enough to give me some.


Sanitary napkin


Every woman must have this. No questions asked. Agree girls?


Smartphone with charger

(Sorry, I was not able to include a photo of it since, I was using it to take photos.)

In this age, smartphone has slowly becoming a necessity. Not only for communication but also for knowledge and entertainment. I check my phone every break time. Does it also apply to you?




Let me be clear. I have not traveled beyond my country but I can’t miss any opportunity that needs a passport so, I have it with me every time. It motivates my inner self to travel beyond the usual. How about Croatia?




I looooooooove chocolates! I make sure I have some in my bag in case I get hungry during a long trip or while working.




My mom always reminds me to take my vitamins and she also made me carry some. Thanks to my thoughtful mom for these.


Hair tie


I seldom tie my hair. But why do I have it? It’s because I was too lazy to put it back in my room. Most of the time, I tend to forget that they exist in my bag.


Small pouch


Here’s what inside the small pouch:


(Face powder, Lipsticks, Lip moisturizer, Alcohol, House keys, Car spare key, Coin purse, USB Drive)


Now, you have an idea on what kind of person I am. It’s great to share something about yourself and see if others are also the same. Hopefully you got something out of it. And oh, did I mention I was writing this post while waiting inside the car? I know you are thinking, I must have been very bored to do this and yes, you are absolutely right!

I’ll read your comments below. Feel free. J

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