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Journal 01: Learning Holiday Gift Giving From A Personal Experience

November is fast approaching! The last time I checked the calendar feels like January but we are now in last quarter of the year. I know many are excited for the holidays and so am I. This is the perfect time of the year to start talking about holiday gifts! Who would not want gifts anyway?

Let’s be honest. Choosing the right gift for a particular person can sometimes be confusing, frustrating or overall difficult. No wonder a lot of blogs are offering holiday gift guides to give you an idea on what to buy for a specific budget. So before the biggest gift giving occasion happens, lets remember all of those things we received or gave and figure out the most memorable one. 

Things I received:

Cakes are common but they will never get old. I’ve received them every year and I’m still amazed by the joy it can bring in a certain occasion (especially birthdays). FYI, I’m not into sweets and more into salty foods but nothing could go wrong with a cake. And oh! Chocolate cakes are the best. 

3 years ago, I started to love photography. Because of this love, I’ve aimed the best camera in the world but as you know, they are all pricey. Finally, on that same year, someone managed to give me the camera I want! Yes! It was a bit expensive but he still gave it to me. I was really thankful to him. I know you can guess who he is. HAHA. 

Booooooks! I will always be glad to receive it! I’ve received dozens of them and I truly appreciate it all. But lately, my aunt gave me this book about blogging and the moment I laid hands on it, I totally felt heaven. I skimmed the book and everything I needed to know was there. The time is perfect, like an answered prayer. I’ll share something about the blogging tips on my future posts. :)

This year, I’ve been hooked up with bricks building videos like LEGO speed build. I don’t know why but seeing those little bricks form into something is just awesome. As of this writing, I have never bought any of it. But I’m hoping to get one of those architecture LEGOs this Christmas. I also think that LEGOs are perfect gifts for elementary and high school students. Something they could work on while enriching their imaginations. 

Too much for the accepting part, let’s move to the giving part!

As much as you love to receive, you must also love to give. I personally like the idea of giving my friends and family with the things they need. I can’t deny the fact that some of them are a bit costly but I don’t mind it at all as long as they felt overjoyed. 

Here is the list of gifts I have given for the past years:

  • Books - most of them as best selling novels
  • Toys - anything fit for 12 years old and below
  • Clothes - shirts, jeans, formal wears and even socks
  • Foods - cakes, fine dining in a restaurant
  • Electronic gadgets - music speaker, watches
  • Footwear - shoes, slippers
  • Bags - backpack, shoulder bag
  • Air tickets for travel
  • etc. (I can’t remember everything.)

I’m still planning to give more this coming holidays but just like others, I run out of ideas on what to give, as well as budget (HAHA). If you know some products or things fit for holiday gift giving, don’t hesitate to tell me or leave a comment.

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