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Jipangyi Seoul Cane Ice Cream in Cebu

As my friend and me were strolling in Elizabeth Mall lower ground, we noticed a peculiar display of ice cream corn cones with Mr. Ryan Bang on its posters. We grab to chance to try it and there it was, the Jipangyi Seoul Cane Ice Cream.

The Jipangyi Seoul Cane Ice Cream originated in Insa-Dong, South Korea and had its franchise in the Philippines. You can usually see its branch inside the malls with the curly twists of yellow corn cones on its walls. Someone can easily spot it because of its uniqueness and how it attracts people.

It costs me P40 to have one “J” shaped corn cone soft serve ice cream. P35 for the ice cream and P5 for the toppings. It was actually worth the price since you won’t be wasting any drop of the ice cream since it was securely intact inside the corn cone. There are 2 flavors to choose from, vanilla and chocolate. I tasted the chocolate and to be honest, it was not that bad for a very hot weather. Although I was expecting something unique with the ice cream taste, it still serves its price for P40.

The staffs were so friendly and they even helped us take some pictures together with my friend. They were also very eager to answer some questions every customer asks them. You can also find them in SM malls and Ayala Cebu. I’m glad I’ve tried it and hopefully you too.

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