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How To Look Fabulous In 5 Simple Ways

Recently, Hedgren Philippines held a talk at SM City Cebu on how to look fabulous and professional. With Mrs. Abbygale Arenas - De Leon, they showed the Cebuanos that there are 5 simple tips on how to be on your best look all the time.

It is simply the P.O.W.E.R. of image. What does P.O.W.E.R stands for?

P - perfect smile
 How do you achieve a perfect smile? Do you have to show all your teeth? The secret is that first, you need to have happy thoughts to have genuine smile. Second, you must be careful with you eye line to light. And lastly, if you will smile at the camera always make sure to say the letter “A” or the number “8” since it can create a good curve in your smile. Again, don’t say “cheese”, it should be say, “A” or “eight”.

O - open stance
 Open stance means you need to have a good posture. How will you know if you have good posture? All you have to do is to stand straight, level your ears to your shoulders, align your butt to your body and legs. Make sure that both of your feet are supporting your weight equally. If your sitting, always see to it that your upper back is 90 degrees straight. Here’s a good illustration:

W - warm body language
Warm body language has something to do with how you socialize professionally. You can properly do it with these 3 tips. First, in doing a proper handshake it should only have 2-3 shakes. Next is making a connection especially if the person is a little far, you have to lean forward for the person to feel more comfortable. Lastly is the eye contact. Eye contact is very important since this will help you know the person more and the person can also check if you are into something serious or not.

E - excellent appearance
This is what people usually see first. This is how you put on make-up or fix your hair. Fixing your hair can really be tiring especially for girls with long hair. In that case, can easily and neatly tie your hair or simply comb your hair to look clean. For make-up, too much is not good. Fresh looking face will always standout so personal hygiene is very essential.

R - revamp workplace
 This time, it will be all about the outfit. I little creativity won’t hurt you but always keep in mind that you have to be confident with what you are wearing. I should also follow the right time and the right place to where an outfit. And of course, accessories are part of it. Bags are very common accessories to an outfit whether men or women. Always makes sure that you have the right bag on the right occasion. Why not try Hedgren bags?

After the talk, Mrs. Abbygale Arenas - De Leon asked some volunteers to apply what they have learned on stage and they were given some prizes. Hedgren Philippines also picked some lucky winner to take home a Hedgren bag.

Now, that you are fully aware of these tips. Do forget to share it with your friends, as a popular saying goes, “Birds with the same feathers, flock together.” You and your friends will definitely have a new image to showcase to the people.
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