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How Having a Watch Helped Cancer Patients

I was in the middle of workloads with my healthcare related client when I came across with this great site. First glance was nothing fancy and unique, it was a typical online shop that sells watches and shirts. What really touched me within was their advocacy behind those sales.


The group is called LoveHopeFaith and their main goal is to help cancer patients with their medical treatment funds. Their bestseller, Life Saver Watch, is so casual that could go with any of your style. It features Japan Movement Technology and believe it or not, for only P250.00, it’s water resistant. The light feels while wearing the watch makes anyone comfortable with it.


Life Saver Watch comes in 10 different colors and has 2 options for sizes: big or small. I was guessing the small ones are for kids or early teens so I got myself with the big one (though, I just recently found out that both small and big sizes are unisex for adults). My wrist is pretty small but the big watch suits well. Although I have to place the lock to the one nearest hole from watch's center, it still looks neat. Thanks to the double strap lock.

Aside from the watches, they also got the Life Saver Shirt, P250.00. In two colors: the black shirt with white prints and the white shirt with black prints. I’m not fun of light colors for it can easily get stained and that gives me a headache. So I opted for the black shirt and chose medium size. Unfortunately, it was bigger than I thought. The small one would have been perfect for me. If you want to make sure whether your size is right, check their size chart and don’t be like me being too much excited in ordering without checking it first.

If you’re wondering with the order and delivery process, it was actually quicker than I expected. Since we are located outside Metro Manila, I was expecting it to arrive within one week or more. Luckily, I only got it 6 days from the order. Order date was Thursday night through SMS text and payment was sent through BPI Transfer, then product was picked up Monday morning. Wednesday morning comes, products were in my bare hands.


I’ll be honest, I’m not really fond of shopping online and would prefer the traditional shopping experience in stalls and malls but this is an exemption. It’s not a usual online shop but it has something to do with helping out those cancer warriors. 50% of their net proceeds will be donated to cancer patient medication funds. We all know this disease could take a lot of funds. I, myself have witnessed it when my grandfather died with a colon cancer. This made me realize  that it’s for a greater cause. Imagine, the group can gather thousands up to millions for funding and that can truly save lives.


And oh! Did I mention that it was my boyfriend who made the order for me because I’m not really into online shopping? That was sweet gesture and yeah, he made it a gift. Which also makes senses because these products can indeed be a perfect gift to yourself, your friend or someone special.

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