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How Can CBE Help The Cebuano Educators

Not everyone is familiar with the Coalition For Better Education (CBE) or what do they specifically do, so here's a little info about the CBE. 

What is CBE?

Coalition For Better Education is a membership based group that is now on its 14th year dedicated on improving the education by conducting training, research and development to some teachers.This coalition consists of different sectors and professionals.that helped together to come up with great ideas in sustaining improvements. It also provides policy and action research, school audit, and curriculum development services. Another thing is they also administer Mind Share Sessions, events, exhibits, and fora in relation to Education.

What's in it for Educators?

There are a lot of benefits in becoming a part of Coalition For Better Education. The members can have access to educational information and can attend some brainstorming and even acquire a scholarship.   Aside from meeting new people with same interests, members can also join some short-term enhancement programs such as:
  • ICT Intergration with PBL Approaches
  • Education Leadership in the 21st Century
  • ICT Applications for 21st Century Learning
  • Authentic Assessment
  • Play for K to 3

Who's Behind The CBE?

A great mission needs a great partner so CBE is not alone for this cause. It is backed up by Aboitiz Foundation, RAFI, One Meralco Fundation, DepEd, Globe, Microsoft, and many more.

If you are interested in this cause for better education, you can visit their website at www.cbephils.net. You can also visit their office at Center for Teacher Excellence, G/F Arts & Science Bldg., Cebu Normal University Campus.
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