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Hidden Beach Resort: Considered Top Summer Destination in West Cebu

Hello April and hello Summer. It’s a perfect time for friends and family outings, sunny weather awesome fit for outdoor activities. As for me and my family, we chose to start off summer at Aloguinsan. The town is famous for Bojo River and Hermit’s Cove but less are aware of a well-maintained beach gem not so explored by many.



Aloguinsan is in Western part of Cebu with 2 hours travel time from the Metro. With less traffic and more road familiarity, one could reach the town for about an hour and a half. For convenience and easy time management, we opted to use a car which ended up 1hr and 45mins travel time. Anyone could also take a bus from South Bus Terminal for a fee around P100-120 depending on the bus type. During our trip, the road was in good condition and no current repairs done.



Upon arrival, you will be greeted with signage going to the beach. This also serves as your guide to its exact location. There are traces of wheel tracks or wheel-made pathways for all to follow leading to the beach entrance. The resort is a bit far from the main Highway, but one could manage to take a walk for 15-20 minutes or less depending on their walking speed. For motorists, a spacious parking space is open and free just in front of the resort entrance.


The resort is open at 6:00am and closes at 6:00pm for accommodation of guests but everyone is free to stay overnight.


Entrance fee:


P50 for 11yrs old and up

P25 for 7-10yrs old

Free for 6yrs old and below

*Senior citizens get 25% discount for Entrance fee


What to Expect:

Few steps from the resort’s entrance is the white sand beach. I love how the sky blue seawater feels so refreshing. Tables and cottages are positioned fronting in the beach. They are well shaded with coconut trees protecting beach goers from extreme sun heat during noon time. The wide shoreline is perfect for short walks and quick exploration. As of this writing, few more cottages and tables are still under construction to cater more visitors.


When it comes to other needs, one should not worry because a mini convenient store is open just within the resort. You may purchase some essentials that might have left from home. Also, toilet separate for ladies and gentlemen is available free of use. There is also a designated place for tents good for overnight. If you choose the comfortable way to stay, you can choose a room perfect for you and your companion. 


Weekends can make the place crowded but be responsible enough take extra care for the place. There are trash bins placed near the toilet which will lessen the trash everywhere. Make sure to dispose your trash right before leaving the area.

To prepare your budget, take a look at their rates here:

I'm happy to share to you our experience during our short stay. Feel free to scroll down. If you have few questions, please drop them in comments below. I'll be glad to answer them. :) 

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