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Here is What You Have Missed in Payoneer Cebu Forum

September 26, 2015, Payoneer Forum Cebu was conducted at Quest Hotel. The forum mainly tackled freelancing. Opportunities of trying out something new in the virtual world are being discussed. The speakers were indeed helpful in sharing their expertise. I’m totally glad I was able to join with my colleagues and blogger friends. Here’s a glimpse of the event.

The speakers were really great. First speaker was Mr. Ruben Licera Jr and he talked about “Secrets to a Successful and Sustainable Freelancing Life. Next was the SEO Specialist, Ms. Gay Dumaguing. She shared How blogging can boost your freelancing career. Both of them heated up the place to condition the attendees for more mind engaging talks on later part.

Right after the two speakers, the attendees had a quick break and were served with light meal. Everyone was able to mingle with the other guest and it was a nice time meeting new people and broadening your network. The Payoneer team was so approachable and entertaining. Even the hotel’s accommodation was awesome.

The second half started with Mr Allan Donato, Payoneer Brand Ambassador, talking more on “Connecting Businesses, Professionals, Countries and Currencies”. He emphasized the great help of Payoneer on different individuals from the investors to the workers. All the guests had a preview on how Payoneer can change and improve their business transactions. 

Aside from the Payoneer, Start-Ups were also introduced. Mr Rinewalt del Corro explained how it feels to have the Start-Up and he mentioned it in his talk “From Freelancing to Start-Up”. Just a heads up, Mr del Corro is the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Arkhold Innovations. 

Branding through social media was the last topic of the forum. The speaker was no other than Ms. Fleire Castro, Principal Consultant and Owner of Third Team Media. I find the last session to be very informative and yes, anybody who wants to have their own brand should be careful and honest in promoting it.

Truly, the Payoneer Forum Cebu was a sweet success. All the topics being discussed were purely for the better of freelancing and entrepreneurship. For your convenience, you may tap them below.

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