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Friday Finds 03: Fun Activities At Extreme Aeropark

This week’s find is very accessible to everyone. If you have been to Parkmall, then this place is very familiar to you. Featuring our fun experience at Extreme Aeropark. Located at the 2nd floor area, this place is the first indoor trampoline park in Visayas and Mindanao.

Here are the activities you can do:

Dodge Ball
Wall Climbing
Foam Pit 
Bubble Soccer
Ninja Arena

Before I share my experience, let me share with you the game rates below. Prices vary on the specific day you visit. If you want to pay less, make sure to visit the place on Mondays to Thursdays. 

For first timers, you will need to purchase the grip socks (P80 per pair). You can reuse this for your next visit. Bags and other things will also be kept in a locker (P50). Pro Tip: If you’re in a group, sharing a locker within the group will save you another P50.

Our Experience

The time we went there, the place was very free. It was as if we booked the whole place just for us. Since it was our first time, we were required to have the grip socks and also read the rules and guidelines. 

We first tried the Foam Pit and to be honest, it was so relaxing. I can stay there for a long time and think of nothing. Although it was a little challenging to move from one spot to another, we still enjoyed it. 

On the side, you can see the wall climbing area. For a non-sporty person like me, climbing it is a bit hard. I only manage to take a few steps, and that’s it. I did not even reach the top. At least, I tried my best. 

The more significant area was where the trampolines are located. Only one person at a time is allowed for one trampoline space. There are many trampoline spaces for the three of us, so it was never a problem. 

We also tried the SlamBall zone. It’s a very fulfilling experience to shoot the ball and gain a score. All you need is your basketball skill and your trampoline balance to do that perfect shot. I recommend this for more prominent groups to play. Have two teams and see who’s side got the higher score.

After 30 mins, our time was over. I think the time was so quick. I would love to stay there longer. I’ll probably be back and invite more friends to try this.

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