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Friday Finds 01: Buwakan ni Alejandra

I’m back blogging! It’s been a while since my last post and I surely miss sharing my adventures lately. To kickstart this newly fueled passion, I’ll be posting my Friday Finds. 

Friday Finds is basically my week’s highlight. It could be the latest place I’ve visited, foods I’ve tried or simply things I think worth sharing. Hopefully, this weekly post will continue without a missed schedule, crossing my fingers here. 

First up is Buwakan ni Alejandra. This floral haven is location at Baranggay Gaas, Balamban. It is across JVR Island in the Sky. Me and my squad had a visit in this place last Sunday, right after our church service. We are lucky to have a nice weather, the sun is up and bright. 

Travel time from JY Square was approximately 45 minutes to an hour. The view was relaxing. You can see green everywhere and no traffic jam at all. The air is fresh so opening your car window is a good option. The scenery is totally different from your city living.

To enter, you need to pay P50 entrance fee and P5 for environmental fee. For a total of P55 per head. You will then be greeted by their staff. They will give you short orientation about the whole area. You may also learn more about their guidelines here:

There are several spots to take photos so take your time in finding the best angle. When we went there, some areas are still under development so I guess this is a working progress. Right now, only 1 hectare of land has been developed but the whole space is 5 hectares. More to see when it gets done. During our visit, it was not crowded and there are only about a dozen people exploring the place.


Don’t worry about visiting the place alone or without a camera tripod. Their staff are very helpful in assisting the guests for taking photos. They also know the perfect angle to target so you can have an awesome picture. Plus, they are bubbly and fun to talk.

Since smoking is not allowed in the area so you can really assure that you’ll only get clean fresh air during your stay. They are also keen in disposing the trash properly.

Pathways are well done so roaming around should not be difficult to do. I’m not sure how it looks like in a rainy weather but those blocks of pathway will really help. It also serves as a guide on not to step on the plants or flowers.

There are few benches in the corner so you can have a sit and rest for a while. This is perfect for those who easily gets tired of hiking. 


No proper car parking so park at your own risks. Usually, just along the road. At least, someone from their staff will assist the motorists in parking along the road so not really an issue. 

Inside, they don’t sell refreshments or any type of food so be sure to bring your own. I recommend to carry a bottle of water or drinks with you so can replenish the thirst. 

See more photos here: 

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