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Cebu Wetland Resort: The Quickest Way To Escape The City

Recently, me and my friends were so fed up with the bustle in the city. So, we decided to escape from the city without any proper plans. The result was extremely awesome, and how did we do that? Here's how: 

We are lucky to found out about a resort within the city. This Cebu Wetland Resort is very accessible to anyone who wants to visit it. If you are taking the jeepney, then the "11A" and "08G" jeepney codes will surely bring you to it. The good thing about it is, you'll no longer need to walk far since its just located near the road. Having your vehicle with you is not difficult thing at all. Just make sure to drive along L. Gabuya St. and see the big signage that says, Cebu Wetland Resort. I can still remember that the gate through it was painted green.

The moment you arrive in the resort, you will be greeted by the receptionist and be informed with their rules and regulations. It will open 8:00am and will close at 8:00pm. Entrance fee for adults is P150. Kids around 2-8 years old is P120 and for below 2 years old it'll be free. There are tables and chairs prepared for the gathering and its up to you and your group to choose which space would you take, nothing to worry with it since its free to occupy. 

You can spot 2 adult swimming pools and one kiddie pool. They don't have any slides but if you get bored with it, you may opt to try their boating and fishing activities. The wide lagoon near the pools are very convenient to do unlimited boating for only P50 per head. Floating restaurants at night is a great way to enjoy your dinner with the whole gang. It would surely be a great bonding experience while enjoying a buffet treat.

Aside from the pools and lagoon, they also offer some functions rooms for groups of people that would like to hold their own activity. The rooms will be good to 10 to 15 persons for only P1,500. For families who would like to stay on the resort, they can have the Deluxe room for only P1,850 for 3 persons and the Suite room for P2,400 good for couples. All the rooms are inclusive with swimming, boating and fishing activities. 

When it comes to swimming, they are not so strict with the attire you wear. As long as its good for swimming then, your good to go. They would recommend no cotton wear and shorts should be garterized. Showers are very available for a quick cleanse before submerging into to the pool. There is enough shower and comfort room for everyone. 

If you are planning to go there during weekends or holidays, make sure to make a reservation a head of time. The earlier is always the better. It may get a bit crowded but it can manage. The perfect time to visit the resort is weekdays wherein you'll have a great time with the whole area without much people to bump in. There is no corkage when it comes to food and drinks so you don't have to worry about having a great picnic. Cleanliness is highly observed in the resort, might as well be aware of your own trash while staying there.

The good thing about it is, it's very near to downtown area and is not expensive at all. You can easily take a cool plunge without having the effort of traveling for an hour or more. Check out all their amenities in their Facebook page Cebu Wetland Resort. They also entertain inquiries and accepts early bookings through their numbers, 272-6860 / 272-2737. 

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