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Azul Surf: A Must Try Restaurant At Night

There is a unique restaurant in Mango Square, Cebu City which offers a good ambiance of food, music and surfing, Azul Surf is the name. Azul Surf is from the word "azul" which is a Spanish word for color blue (it is the owner's favorite color) and "surf" because the owner of the restaurant wants to do surfing. 

Azul Surf has been famous for their "Tuslob Buwa". For anyone who doesn't know what "Tuslob Buwa" is, it is pig brains and pig liver, mixed with seasonings like, onions, pepper, soy sauce, oil, etc. It is heated in a wok until it turns into bubbles, then that's the time it will be perfect with the hanging rice. For only P200.00 you can have a set of the delicious "Tuslob Buwa". 

Aside from the delicious "Tuslob Buwa", there are a lot of foods to try in the restaurant. I recommend the "Singsing" which will be a good pair for drinks. "Singsing" is from the chicken's heart, cut into smaller pieces to look like rings. This is one of my favorite and I'm sure you will love it too. One serving will only cost P100.00.

If you are into Asian cuisines, then you are in! Azul Surf also serves samgyeopsal for Korean food lovers and some Japanese foods like California Maki, Sashimi, Tempura and many others.

For pasta and pizza lovers, you might want to have a taste to their pasta carbonara, pasta garlic pesto and pizza.

Of course, Filipino foods will always be present. They have sisig, kinupusan, humba and chicken halang-halang.

After seeing all those delicious foods, I know you want to go ahead and check the restaurant for yourself. Just a short hint, you can find it beside Hype Club, near the the Mango Square Mall entrance. Here is their menu for the pricing. 

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