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A Scrumptious Dinner With Tommy Osmeña

The Dinner

We were privileged to have dinner with the Former Cebu City Mayor Tommy Osmeña. A group of bloggers and active students where invited to have a great dinner with him. He and his family prepare the delicious food. As a matter of fact, all guests where full and happy with it. The pork ribs were really a favorite. It has a distinctive taste that was only obvious on that cuisine. The secret is because it was marinated with the former Mayor himself.

Another one is the pasta. It was well cooked and you can really see that each strand are properly managed. The sauce was made out of fresh tomatoes cut into tiny cubes and cooked with other species. It's a perfect substitute for rice.

The last one is the corn soup. It was mixed well that the grain don't look a bit big at all. The taste is a bit sweet but it was just a compliment to the pork ribs. I managed to finish a small bowl of it.

Tommy Osmeña And His Family

Before the long and serious talk started, we were able to know more about his family. Arriving in their beloved home, the first that you'll notice are the paintings. They are all impressive and were made by famous painters. Aside from the paintings, they also have friendly huge dogs with them. They welcome the guests with a smile on their faces and wiggle of their tails.

His son, Miguel was also present making the whole group very comfortable. His daughter, Anita looks is indeed pretty and charming.


His Plans

After the getting full from the dinner, Tommy had a great talk with everyone. He was able to share his thoughts about Cebu and his future plans. He emphasized that the South Road Project was his greatest achievement in the city. It makes him feel very proud after the people started to appreciate its existence. 

If you notice near the SRP, there is a Farmer's Market. This has been his idea to give the cheapest and freshest fruits and vegetables to the citizens. Soon, it will open its new branch in Urgello which will be more accessible to ordinary people by taking a jeepney. This could be more appealing and beneficial to many and hopefully it will be opened in the month of December. That could surely be in time for Christmas.

As the 2016 Election is fast approaching, we made sure that all his plans for the city will be known to many. He greatly supports the Bus Rail Transit (BRT) system. Having traveled to Curitiba, Brazil inspires him to do the same. He believes that the implementation of this system can really solve the problem in with traffic. 

He still has other things to let the people know but I guess one dinner setting is not enough. 
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