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A Glimpse Of The Concert Crusade In Cordova By Axehead Team

Cheers to a great night of music and victory!  

Ibabao, Cordova was very blessed to witness the celebration on Axehead Team’s 3rd year anniversary. It was a great opportunity to show the people on how lucky we are to serve the living God. The concert crusade was made possible through the efforts of Praise and Worship Ministries Internationals (Taboan) – Music Team, also known as Axehead Team. Special participation of Living Water Cordova and Living Water Tabok Mandaue also gave spices to the event. 

Before digging more on the concert, let me give you a brief description about the Axehead Team. It is composed of talented individuals who honor the Lord through music. The team started way back 2012 and is now having their 3rd year. Praise and Worship Ministries International (PWMI) Taboan is indeed very fortunate to have this team. They have been into different crusades and lately, they have it at Cordova. 

The theme for the crusade was entitled “Joy To the World”. Scroll down to see a glimpse of it.

The performers heated up the night with joyful songs that softens everyone's heart.

With their young age, the kids could already showcase their talents for the glory of the Lord. It's very touching to know that as young as they are, they can be a good example for others to follow.

Pastor Richard Zabate from Living Word Christian Churches of Cebu International, Inc. - Guadalupe Outreach shares the Word of God. It was very inspiring and mainly focused on life changing experiences. His life had been a great testimony for everyone who wants to believe in new life with God. From a person full of vices to a proud servant of God. It really shows that with God, nothing is impossible.

Brothers and sisters from Living Water Mandaue rendered a beautiful song.

The night ended with a smile to everyone's face. People who have heard God's message were able to realize something about their life. Most of them submitted their life to the Creator. I personally witnessed how God's presence change them. To be honest, I was moved and extremely happy with the new path that they will be taking.

I would like to thank these people who exert tremendous effort in making the event successful. Without them, everything will not be put in place. You are highly appreciated: 

Pastor Angel Tuyay 
Pastor Roel Caburnay 
Pastor Rowel Paler 
Pastor Richard Zabate 
Pastor Ely Tabar
Mr. Joseph Ryan Balo

To God be the glory!

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