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2 More Days Before Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

Hey book lovers out there! This is the event you should not miss. Big Bad Wolf is ready to invade Cebu. They have prepared over 1 million books from different genres namely; classics, business, fiction, non-fiction, thriller, horror, coffee table, children’s stories, young adult, and many more. You can purchase the books with huge discounts ranging from 60%-80% off.

The book sale is open starting July 13 to 23. Worry no more with its opening and closing time because they will be available 24 hours. Imagine book shopping any time of the day, that’s totally awesome! The venue will be at IEC Convention Center just few steps away from Landers.

The Big Bad Wolf Philippine leg started in Manila last Feb 25 at World Trade Center. Around 2 million books were available for its 10 days 24/7 operation. It was a huge success, no wonder they are bringing the hype here in Cebu.

Thanks to Gawad Kalinga for making this book fair possible. Part of this event’s proceeds will be used for Marawi’s rehabilitation program as well as in Albay.

Cebuanos are truly excited with this book sale. Many have expressed their excitement few weeks before the announcement and got more intense as few days left before they open. Read some here:

"When I heard that the BBW is coming over to Cebu, I Immediately marked my calendar. I've been a book lover ever since, and to be a part of this once in a lifetime opportunity, is worth every effort. Hope to find additional books in my expanding collection!" – Jet Cenia

"I’m excited to attend or go to Big Bad Wolf Cebu event because I eat books! Haha. They say that I read too much! I simply am in love with books and to be somewhere that can LITERALLY surround me with books? That would be utterly lovely. And with Big Bad Wolf coming over, (bringing in NEW and in bulk books) it wouldn’t hurt to bring a book (or more?) with me when I go home." - Auvrey Lavigne

"For me, books are a man's bestfriend and there's nothing more relaxing than reading your favorite take after a long day of work. I treat my books as babies and I feel so happy seeing them grow. Books aren't just an escape from the daily realities of life; they give me inspiration to see life differently through the stories of each character I've read through. So Big Bad Wolf here I come!" – Samantha Mendoza

"I’ve been rotting for more books to read! Visited few bookstores several times a week just to check new books to read and love. Big Bad Wolf coming here in Cebu is pure love! I’m looking forward to its cheaper price. Finally, I can buy in bulk without hurting my pocket. Plus, I get to explore various genres like fiction, comics and business!" – Jane Ecalla

"As a huge book nerd, it is my dream to acquire as many books as I possibly can. When I heard that Big Bad Wolf Books is coming to Cebu, I immediately and enthusiastically listed down the books missing from my collection so I can hunt them down to make a haul. I've never been this excited in a while and I'm happy that I can do my book shopping all in one place." - Mariel Peralta

"As someone who frequently conducts archeological digs for rare tomes in thrift stores, hell yeah I'm excited for the Big Bad Wolf book sale. It's fun hunting treasure amid a pile of books. In this sale, I've got a hound's hoard to sift through and at a discount too! I'll have dug up a considerable handful before you can say, "My, what big eyes you have!" - Louie Nelson Zafico

"Going to the Big Bad Wolf book sale is a lot like going to Wonderland. You don’t know what you’ll find, and just when you think you’ve found the books you want, you’ll be surprised by accidental finds. As you leaf through the pages while you choose your books, you get lost in the many worlds that each book brings, and you end up on an adventure and buying yourself more books." - Kimberly Veloso

How about you? Are you excited to see the sea of books? 

***Photos are from Big Bad Wolf Books

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