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These People Still Exist And You Will Surely Thank Them

Lately, I noticed that the society is really changing and it is very visible to the public. Last week, when I was going home, there was an old woman, maybe early 70’s, who wanted to ride the jeepney. I was inside the jeepney so moved near the driver’s corner to give space to the old woman. I was shock to see that some young professionals near the jeepney’s door didn’t even move a bit from the corner. In my dismay, I decided to make this blog series about the Modern Heroes in Cebu for everyone to follow. I will be featuring random people who showed kindness to others. This may be simple act of kindness but it can make an impact to people’s lives.

The first person that I will be featuring here is a total stranger to me. I just noticed him in one of my Facebook groups and suddenly, I felt the urge to let everyone know his good deeds. He is a motorist himself and I believe that he also thinks about his co-motorist. That’s why, he posted this one on Facebook.
He mentioned that “whoever is the owner of the motorcycle, he can get the keys to the security guard near the place.”

Isn't it amazing that there are still people who cares to strangers. I guess if the world will be full of caring people then there is totally nothing the worry about. Imagine. Lost things will be returned. No one will be suffering from crimes. Everything is just at ease. But of course, that will be a perfect world then. We can actually make it almost perfect. Let's just try.

Spread the good vibes and remember that every good deed is a fulfillment that will never be paid by any amount. It is an exceptional treasure. 
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