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People And Things That I Will Always Be Grateful Of

Before Octobers ends, I would like to show my gratitude to these people and things. Without them, my life will totally be a mess. Knowing that they exist makes me calm down. They were really very supportive in my path and has really given me a great change in life. 

I have prepared 30 people or things that I'm very thankful of. Scroll down the list and see who really matters most to me. 

1 Family
I will be forever thankful to them. They have been my strength and shield. They have seen my ups and downs and still they remain on my side (or maybe they don't have any other choice at all, haha! Kidding aside!)

2 Friends
I'm blessed with many friends. I can see some of them almost everyday while I can see few only once or twice a year but they are still there for me. They give me COOL advises which parents cannot usually do. 

3 Teachers
When I was a kid, I really admired the teachers. There were very helpful and caring. They have shown me a lot of things. 

4 Classmates
Well, I was never a competitive student. I didn't compete with them since I treat them as my friends and friends don't compete. Let's just say that they helped me overcome the study time and boring time in school.

5 School
Almost half of my life was spent on school. I was able to grasp all the details that it has. Its really nice to go back and remember the old times. Now, I'm very grateful that it still exists.

6 Neighbors
Me and my family didn't transfer a house since I was born so I fairly know my neighbors. Some of them are naughty while other are very approachable. It was really nice to have a healthy neighborhood.

7 Richard Juevesano
We are together for 3 years now and those times are really awesome. Thanks for being supportive all the way.

8 PWMI Church
I found my best buddies here. They help me grow spiritually. I will never forget how you welcomed me and showed me that strangers can be a family.

9 International Gospel Church
This is where I started to learn drumming. It was a fun thing. Because of them, I was forced to improve my music skill. Now, I totally love to drum. 

10 FAG Talisay
I used to attend masses here when I was still High School and this church showed me that church can also be very cool and fun. Good thing that the pastors family is a far relative to me.

11 Bradford Church
This is my first church. This is were I first learned about our Saviour. I was really glad attending Sunday school for kids. That was really fun.

12 Music Team
Thanks for keeping up for my lapses (haha). I feel so beginner and you guys were very patient on me. Well, I'm so happy that they can still count on me even if I'm a little stubborn and naughty.

13 My house
I've stayed in it since I was born. They might be some renovations or modifications on it but I will always be feeling home in that place.

14 My gadgets
As much as I want to enumerate all those things, it would just fill the whole page up (hahaha!). Anyways, I'm thanking them for making my life easier. 

15 Motorcycle
I was never afraid to driver. Maybe I was born to be a racer. My motorcycle thought me a lot about traffic rules and even the processes in LTO. Its a great experience.

16 Work
This is 3 kind of work. I'm happy with it. I never dreamed of being a writer but now, I have become one. Thanks to my work.

17 Workmates
Thanks for making the boring office fun. There are times that I don't want to work hard but you are there to cheer me up. 

18 Blogging
A lot of windows have been to open to me. I was able to know different types of people and even information which are not commonly spread in the public. Thank you for being part of my life.

19 Blogger Friends
It was happy to see that other bloggers are really very friendly. Thanks to YAMBA GIRLS, well, you know that you always rock! Keep up the good job guys! 

20 Cebu Blogging Community
I owe my success in blogging to this community. Everyone was really very helpful and approachable. This is the community were bloggers can freely share their idea and social with others. 

21 CBC Leads and Founders
Thank you for doing a great job in handling the community. It was never easy to manage a group of people but did it well. Two thumbs up for all of you.

22 Talk About Cebu
I never thought that I will really be hooked up with my blog. I was just trying to write about my experiences then, but now, I have been very serious with it. Good thing Talk About Cebu exists.

23 Followers / Readers
I'm not pretty sure If I do have them but yeah, I am thanking them. Haha. Sounds weird right!? Well, because of you my blog is still alive. You are my inspiration in writing. 

24 My Previous Students
Life of a teacher was never easy. Thanks to all their students that makes it colorful. To my previous students, you might not read this but I'm very grateful on you will become. 

25 Food
I'm thankful to all the foods that I ate. They gave me strength to continue life's challenges. Cheers to more food to come. Haha! 

26 Time
I still have the struggle in keeping up my time. Good thing it was always on my side. Things my not be good at all times but theres always something better to come so I'm still grateful to it.

27 Internet
Although there are times that the internet is way too slow, I still thank it for existing. This has been my gateway in knowing other parts of the world. Without it, everything will surely be different.

28 Social Networking Sites
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, etc. They have been part of my life. They helped me in communicating my friends and even family. I'm pretty sure that you are thankful to them too.

29 Myself
I know this is pretty strange but I'm thanking myself for being what I am. Others my not appreciate my whole being but I just totally love what I have become. 

30 GOD
He is everything. I know I can't thank Him enough. 

Wooah! The list was quite long but to be honest, I still have a lot of things or people to thank for. I might just be thanking them personally or maybe, I'll do another part of this. Who knows. Now, thanks for dropping by and hopefully you have learned something from it. 

Yours truly, Christy Mae Ocariza.
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