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Holiday Series: Make Your Kids Happy With These Gifts (Under 500)

We already have the list of gift ideas for gentlemen and ladies. We are now down to our last list, for the kids!

Christmas is for the young ones, young once and young at heart. For kids, they exactly know what to look forward during this season, GIFTS! These gifts serve as rewarded for their good deeds to others, excellent works at school, for behaving well and pleasing their parents. 

What’s the best gift for their awesome work? A Christmas present they surely love. Now the question is what kind of present is perfect for them? Browse through these list and see what item your kid might find it interesting and awesome.

The Dream Suitcase Role Play (P377.00) 

Let your kids learn the different tools used by medical professions through this role play kit. Introduce them to their future profession and be impressed with how they interact.

Plastic Fruit Vegetable Kitchen Cutting Toy (P299.00)

If you little one loves to help out in the kitchen, this toy set of fruits, vegetables and other kitchen tools is perfect of them. Enrich their imagination in preparing food through this colorful representations.

King’s Toy Vending Machine (P345.00)

Develop you kids understanding with machines. Aside from improving their locomotor skills, they could also improve their cognitive and logical skills.

Handheld Water Game Circle Control (P390.00)

This simple mobile look is a great pastime for kids. Making them learn the different aspects to consider with water. Not only colorful but also educational.

Mini Tamagotchi Pet Machine (P397.00) 

This electronic pet machine is a good way to start teaching the kids on how to manipulate electronic things. Aside from the techie stuff, it also teaches them to care and be responsible with their electronic pet.

Cutie Auto Run Train Express Set (P499.00) 

Kids love to watch moving objects. This easy to assemble train express will surely catch their attention. Awaken their sense of curiosity and be amazed with the learning they can get.

6-in-1 Educational Solar Kit Toy (P423.00) 

If your kid is into assembling things, this 6-in-1 solar kit toy is for them. Let them discover the 6 different models. The best thing is it is solar powered so no need to worry with the batteries.

E&E Transforming Robot Watch Toy (P299.00) 

Give your kid this awesome robot watch toy. This is not your kid's typical watch. It can transform into a robot if they got bored with it's current state. They may also show this off to their friends.

First 100 Words Book Set (P420.00) 

No question. This book set is truly educational and essential for kids early growth. Learning new words and letting them understand are ways get closer to them.

House Tent for Kids (P499.00) 

Allow your kids to have their own space while playing. They will appreciate this house tent with their playmates or even alone. If adults have me-time, well, kids also have it. 

My First Bible Stories Pack of 6 (P349.75)

Introduce your kids to few bible characters with these set of bible stories. It is also perfect for bedtime stories or for simple afternoon sharing and bonding. The catchy illustrations is another good point.

My Little Pony Soft Stuff Talking Toy (P450.00)

This cutie toy is a perfect companion for little kids. They will surely treat this pony as their friend or partner. And yes, this little pony can talk so it adds to its cuteness. 

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