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Here's What You Missed From Last Year's Cebu Blogging Summit And What To Expect This Year

It's time of the year again! I know everyone is occupied with Christmas but before that, let's be excited with this year's Cebu Blogging Summit. There are a lot of things in store for all its attendees and surely no one would regret attending it. But before I give you all its details, I've prepared a short throwback from Cebu Blogging Summit 2015. 

I was lucky to be have a glimpse of scenes behind the camera and on stage. To be honest, I enjoyed looking through those "stolen shots". It gives me a fulfillment that surely all photographers-wannabe knows. After reviewing those photos, I came realize that someone needs to see all of these. You may personally know some of them but please.. please.. please... okay fine, let them know and put them on rage (HAHAHA).

I'll try my best to give a "creative" caption to each photos but of course, we see different things so feel free to have your own opinion. Let's start with the not-so formal photos. 

This is supposed to be an awesome group picture but why is it only a pair of eyes is looking through the camera. Can you spot that person?

Someone is hiding in the middle. Those peace signs should give us a clue on his or her identity.

Okay! We all know him. And YES! He was there!

This almost looks perfect. I even had a hard time saying something about it but I love her heels.

You must agree with me. You are seeing pretty ladies and one of them is truly or literally "glowing".

I was about to say something with this man but that "hat" takes much attention. Very familiar indeed.

They are the founders so let's spare them. Handsome, right?

Here's the fun part.

This time, I won't be putting captions to the photos below since I believe they are enough to tell a story. All of them are NOT staged and worst, personalities may not know they are being photographed. Well, that makes the whole thing very exciting. Hopefully, no one will spam my emails or chat after seeing these photos. Should I ask forgiveness in advance? :D

After seeing the awesome, fun, and crazy photos from last year, I'm pretty confident you want to be part of Cebu Blogging Summit 2016. Learn more about this below.


What is Cebu Blogging Summit 2016?

Cebu Blogging Summit 2016 (#CBSummit2016) is an annual non-profit event for up and coming bloggers and social netizens that aims to round-up top and best bloggers of Cebu and the Philippines, to share to these newbies:

· blogging strategies
· ideas, tips and techniques in blogging and social media
· other technical and non-technical skill sets to ensure that they sustain blogging as a medium for social good.

What is the theme for this year's blogging summit?

This year, we dub the event as “The Rise of the Millennial ePRENEUR: Responsible Social Media Influecers”. The theme aims to encourage millennials to bring their passion online and at the same time be able to sustain it and their community cause.

Who are the target audience?

We are expecting an estimated 120 carefully selected participants to join this activity. This is comprised of:

· Entrepreneurs and Corporate Managers who are building the e-commerce side of their business.
· E-Commerce Startup players
· Millennial Entrepreneurs
· Bloggers and Digital Influencers

When and where is the event?

The event is on December 3, 2016 (Saturday) from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM at iioffice (2nd floor, Arinda V. Paras Bldg., Don Gil Garcia St, Cebu City, Cebu)

How to register? 

You must sign up HERE to secure a spot.

Cebu Blogging Summit 2016 is made possible with Globe, its co-presentor. 

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